Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sleepy Time

As of April 30th, it will be illegal to place herbal medicines onto the market without a liscence.
This means, that if you want to try and have a good nights sleep, you might have to rely on prescreptive drugs. These drugs have well known-dangerous side effects and withdrawal effects. Also, almost all pills to help sleep work to produce an effect that switches off the adrenilin in your brain. This could make your body less responsive to the natural neurotransmitter GABA or interfere with your body's own GABA production. This means that when you try to get off these drugs, you are likely to develop extreme anxiety and insomnia.
So this new herbal regime is an appauling idea! "You are smashing an industry built on ethics. An industry that is trying to help people to get well" said Sara Novakovic.
Instead, we shoud be turning to herbal help. Pukka night time tea (stocked in our shop) is a great, naturally caffeine free way to get a good nights sleep. Containing organic oat flower to calm and nourish, lavender which soothes and relaxes and limeflower to help settle the mind. Just drink it in the evenings to prepare for a deep and restful sleep.
Also, magnesium is reported to have a great effect on the body, calming the nervous system and reducing insomnia. Magnesium can be found in our new Clearspring roasted seeds and soya.

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