Friday, 21 January 2011

Marmalade time

Dundee Marmalade, homemade in Bembridge from someone who comes from Dundee,

Now available in the shop!! A tart zesty tasty marmalade made to the original and best recipe from Dundee.

The start of the world famous Keiller's marmalade from Dundee began by chance in 1700. The story goes that a humble Dundee grocer, the young James Keiller, took advantage of a Spanish ship taking refuge from a winter storm in Dundee harbour carrying a large cargo of Seville oranges. These he bought in large quantity, very cheaply, but found that owing to their bitterness he was unable to sell them! His ingenious wife, Janet, not wishing to waste the fruit, used the oranges, instead of her normal quinces, to make some pots of preserve. They proved to be so popular that the Dundee public demanded more and the Keiller's from then on ensured a regular order for Seville oranges. Several generations later, in 1797, another Mrs Keiller and her son James finally felt confident enough to build the world's first marmalade factory.

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